Full House is the New Top 1 in the Philippines Show

Full House is the New Top 1 Show in the Philippines after the Darna is the top 1, it was a shock of us when the Poll show the result that the Full House have many Votes Follow by the Darna Show which is the Gma Show.

The Third Place of the show was the Maybukas Pa that it is being the 2 months for top 1 now... its drop for top 3..

and the show of the American Show Supernatural is the Top 4 and the Top 5 is the Ghost Whisperer...

last Month this Show is not enter at the top 10 but when its poll again in the least it becomes the Top 1...

Its Shows also that Full House is very In teristing Stories... if you want to vote the Top 5 show in the Philippines just Visit this site.?


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