Kim Chiu Become and take the opportunity to become Comedy
From intense drama, primetime teleserye princess Kim Chiu tries intense comedy as she guests in comedy program “Banana Split” this whole week.

Get to see Kim in a whole new light as she exchange gags and acts on comedic sketches together with casts Angelica Panganiba, Zanjoe Marudo, Jayson Gainza, Pooh, Pokwang, and RR Enriquez.

Also, watch afternoon’s newest drama princess Nina Jose as she topbills the newest and talked about teleserye on “Banana Split Daily Servings”— “Ang Babaeng Hindi Maitaas ang Kili-Kili.”

One of the most promising actresses of her generation, Nina admits that playing the role of Josephina, a young woman who can’t expose her armpits to the public because seeing it will make them lose their sanity, really challenged her acting prowess.

“We have a very serious take on it in terms of acting and delivery, but the situation and script is really funny that is why I have to focus a lot before the scene so that I wont burst into laughter,” said Nina.

Joining her in the cast in is Zanjoe Marudo, Mika Dela Cruz, and veteran actor Ronnie Lazaro.

Before “Ang Babaeng Hindi Maitaas ang Kili-Kili,” the show already spoofed other caliber drama series like “Ilong ng Palad” (Gulong ng Palad), “Nagsimula sa Katorse.”(Nagsimula sa Puso at Katorse) “Dahil may isang Hikaw” (Dahil May isang Ikaw), and “Boys Over Acting” (Boys Over Flowers). It is also in “Banana Split” where the SNN spoof NNNN or Ntertainment News Na Naman started with Angelica Panganiban as Krissy and Jayson Gainza as Bhoy.

Since its launch in October 2008, the comedy program and its stars already received various recognitions from prestigious award giving bodies such as Star Awards for TV and Gawad Tanglaw. Pooh was also recognized by the Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC) as Best Comedy Actor for his performance in the show.

Don’t miss “Banana Split Daily Servings,” weekdays at 4:30 PM and “Banana Split” every Saturday at 11:15 PM on ABS-CBN.


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