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TV5/Associated Broadcasting Company is a Philippine media company whose programs include news and current affairs shows, dramas, fantasy, variety shows, gag shows, dubbed foreign serials, children's shows, anime shows, and reality shows. For the previously aired and defunct shows of the network, please see the list of shows previously aired by Associated Broadcasting Company or list of shows previously aired by TV5. It currently shows 61 programs as of June 5, 2010.

Local programs

TV5 News and Information
Sapul (2010-present)
Aksyon! (2010-present)
Aksyon Ngayon (news update, 2010-present)
Aksyon Weekend (2010-present)
Totoo TV (ABC 2005-2008, TV5 2010-present)
Dokumentado (2010-present)
Ako Mismo (2010-present)
Lupet (2010-present)
Tutok Tulfo (2010-present)
USI: Under Special Investigation (2010-present)

Talk show

Juicy (2008-present)
Face to Face (2010-present)
Jojo A. All The Way! (2009-present)
Paparazzi {2010-present}
5 Star Specials presents JC De Vera (2010-present)
BFGF (2010-present)
Wow Mali (ABC 1996-2006, TV5 2009-present)
Lokomoko U (2010-present)
Everybody Hapi (2008-present)
Pidol’s Wonderland (2010-present)
Fantasy and Horror
Moomoo & Me (2009-present)
Midnight DJ (2008-present)
My Darling Aswang (2010-present)
Tawatakutan (2010-present)

Game/Talent/Reality/Variety Show

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (2009-present)
Talentadong Pinoy (2008-present)
P.O.5 (2010-present)
Movie Blocks
5Max Movies (2008-present) (Some Movies dubbed in Tagalog)
Kid and Youth Oriented
Inside The Fishbowl (2008-present)
Mustard TV (2008-present)
Toogs (2008-present)
Family Matters (2010-present)
Humayo't Ihayag (2008-present)
Kerygma TV (2005-present)
The Word Exposed (2008-present)
Community Mass on TV5 (ABC 2002-2008, TV5 2008-present)

Foreign/Canned shows on TV5

Battle Spirits: Sh┼Źnen Toppa Bashin (2010-present)
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (2009-present)
Yatterman (2008 version) (2010-present)
Nick on TV5
All of the shows are dubbed in Tagalog, except Go, Diego, Go.
Dora the Explorer (2006-present)
Wonder Pets (2008-present)
Go, Diego, Go (2008-present)
Blue's Clues (2006-present)
SpongeBob SquarePants (2006-present) *
CatDog (2006-present)
Danny Phantom (2007-present)
The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron (2008-present)
Avatar: The Legend of Aang (2007-present)
Catscratch (2008-present)
ChalkZone (2006-present)
Rocko's Modern Life (2008-present)
El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera (2010-present)

(*) It is noted that rival network Q-11 started to air the program on April 19. However, all of Spongebob airings on TV5 are from Seasons 1 to 3, whereas Q airs Spongebob episodes from Season 4 onwards and it is aired in English.
(*)It is unknown whether the equally popular Nickelodeon show The Fairly OddParents will air on TV5. The said program has never been aired on Philippine free TV as of now.


Oggy and the Cockroaches (2010-present)
Prince Mackaroo (2010-present)
Hi-5 (2009-present)

Note: The following shows are dubbed in Tagalog.

Don't Cry, My Love (2010-present)
First Wives' Club (2010-present)
Smile, Honey (2010-present)
High Kick! (2010-present)
Hero (2010-present)
My Wife is a Superwoman (2010-present)
Easy Fortune, Happy Life (2010-present)


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