the newest family game show “House or Not"; on TV 5

Funnyman Joey de Leon becomes a generous don as he gives away house and lot in the newest family game show “House or Not” every Sunday starting September 12, 12nn-1pm on TV5.

Don Joey’s quick wit and unparalleled comedy antics will not be missed as he topbills the potential hit game show. The bighearted don is sharing some of his fortunes to a deserving team of family members that are willing to take on any challenges to win. His sexy MayorDonna (Ruffa Mi) and muchachas will do the house chores leading to the jackpot as every episode features new games, new players and new prizes!

The family that plays together wins together, as House or Not calls on some enthusiastic group of family members to play.

To turn the house rolling, the game challenges several groups to hit slippery obstacles and outdo others to be the only group standing strong. A stylized doll house with four rooms (each representing a home showcase) awaits the winning team inside the studio. They have to secure their way and win corresponding games against the keen eyes of some outrageous “guardians.” The team will advance to the final game after completing three sets of game. Meanwhile, the family members are up for some sweaty course as they have to beat a fast-paced giant treadmill with obstacles along the way to win the last remaining showcase. The family is one-key away from their dream house as they have to pick the right key to their home.

Build your dream house one obstacle at a time in House or Not, which premieres this Sunday, 12nn-1pm on TV5.


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