The Main Cast of Alyna (2010)

ALYNA -- Shaina Magdayao
Alyna grew up with no family she could call her own. Following the death of
her father, Alyna nearly got violated by her mother’s live-in partner, not
long after she started living with them. Her estranged mother may have saved
her from the abuse, but she left Alyna with multiple emotional scars to
remind her that she is unwanted and that her beauty, her greatest gift, will
cause her downfall.
DOMINIC -- Jason Abalos
Dominic del Carmen hails from a wealthy clan. He runs a pottery and other
businesses. He is often perceived to be strict and righteous because of his
unwavering sense of right and wrong, and his unending need to prove himself
to his family and to others.
REX -- Sid Lucero
Rex comes from an aristocratic clan in the province but opted for the
indulgent life in the city. He is not accustomed to hard work because
everything he wants comes to him easily—including women. Only one woman attempted to resist his charms---Alyna.


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