Regal Entertainment matriarch Lily Monteverde with Shaina Magdayao. "Mamanyika"

Being given the stellar role in the Mamanyika episode of the horror trilogy Shake, Rattle & Roll XII only goes to show how much faith and trust Regal Entertainment matriarch Lily Monteverde with Shaina Magdayao.

This year’s Shake, Rattle & Roll is the 12th installment in the movie outfit’s successful horror franchise in the annual Metro Manila Film Festival.
“She’s very beautiful at mabait na bata. Very angelic ang face at magaling na artista,” Mother Lily says of one of the prime artists of Star Magic, ABS-CBN’s talent management arm.
Shaina has done quite a number of movies for Regal, but her SR&R XII episode is, by far, the most challenging as the Mamanyika story revolves around her character.
In “SR&R XII,” Shaina’s longing for her dead mother (Jackie Lou Blanco) leads her to a doll which she finds lying all dirty beside her mom’s grave.
Unknown to her, the doll was previously owned by a woman who was so desperate to bear a child. Out of sheer desperation, the woman sought the devil’s help in breathing life to the doll which, in turn, was later on possessed and killed anyone who came in its path.
In real life, Shaina is not fond of dolls. In fact, she is scared of them. Yet, the young actress managed to conquer this fear while working on the Mamanyika episode.
Shares a production staff, “Kitang-kita sa facial expression ni Shaina ang takot kapag naninindak na ang manyika sa eksena. Imagine naman kasi, nagsasalita na ito, pumapangit pa ang mukha. Kaya naman si Shaina, kapag tapos na ang take, nanginginig pa rin sa takot.
“Naikuwento rin kasi niya minsan, napapaniginipan niya ang props na
manyika. Sigaw raw siya nang sigaw dahil naaalala niya ang pangit na histura nito ’pag possessed na.”
Another staffer states in jest, “Naku, kamukha kasi ng isa sa mga ex ni John Lloyd Cruz (Shaina’s boyfriend) ang manyikang gamit sa movie. Hahaha! Baka sa aspetong ’yon takot na takot si Shaina!”
Anyway, call it intentional or what, the thing is, Shaina was still able to deliver the gripping performance needed for the part in Regal Entertainment’s horrific Christmas trilogy package, “Shake, Rattle & Roll XII.”


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