The Fierce Wife Premiere On August 6,2011 at Abs-cbn

A perfect wife will do everything for her family but when another woman threatens to take her man, the perfect wife becomes the fierce wife.

This Tuesday (Aug 8), get ready to witness an intense story about infidelity, betrayal, and lust as ABS-CBN premieres the talked about Taiwanese series “The Fierece Wife” in Kapamilya Gold.

Ever since they got married, Cristine has been nothing but a perfect wife to Louie.

Their lives will take a sudden twist when Me Ann, Cristine’s cousin from the United States, arrives and lives with them for a while. Little did they know that the charming and seemingly na├»ve Me Ann is starting to develop an attraction to Louie.

She then fearlessly seduced her cousin’s husband right at their very home.

Will Louie give in to the young temptress? How will Cristine face the fact that her very own cousin is the one destroying her family?

Don’t miss “The Fierce Wife,” weekday afternoons, in the intensifying Kapamilya Gold in the first and true home of Asianovelas, ABS-CBN.


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