Rubi Cast is Premier tonight

Versatile actress–Angelica Panganiban–plays a bida-contrabida role in Rubi.

Angelica Panganiban is Rubi – the type who will do whatever it takes in order to be rich and famous. For that to happen, she befriends an unsuspecting classmate who comes from a well-off family and uses that connection to achieve her evil schemes.

Diether Ocampo is Hector – He was supposed to take over his family’s thriving luxury liner business, but he defies his mother’s wishes by pursuing a career in medicine instead. He agrees to his mom’s choice of a bride.

Jake Cuenca is Alejandro – His dream of becoming a doctor becomes a reality with the help of a scholarship grant from the foundation that Hector’s family has built. But since he’s a close friend of Hector, Rubi mistakenly concludes that he’s also filthy rich which is why she sets her eyes on him first.

Shaina Magdayao is Maribel – She is beautiful but very insecure due to her physical disability. But the fact that her adoptive parents have kept her pampered all her life has somehow compensated for her inferiority complex. She begins to open up to other people when she meets Rubi who defends her from the people who try to bring her down.


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