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The award-winning actor shows his versatility by taking character roles

The award-winning actor shows his versatility by taking character roles.

Without a doubt, Baron Geisler’s acting is superb. He has proven his worth with his notable character portrayals in different movies and television projects but, is he really stuck on the other side of the story as he plays ‘kontrabida’ roles in almost all his recent projects?

“Hindi naman ako na-stuck. I’d rather think of it this way—my versatility is tested everytime kapag kontrabida yung role na ginagampanan ko. I find it more challenging talaga. And since ganung roles ang madalas na inooffer sakin, who am I to refuse lalo na if the story is beautiful. Siguro nagkakataon lang rin talaga na ganun. But I’m not stuck. I can be as versatile as I can,” Baron detailed in an interview.

According to the director of Agimat presents Elias Paniki, Dondon Santos, “Walang dudang magaling na aktor si Baron. Effective siyang gumanap sa kahit anong role. Kaya nga marami rin siguro projects ang bata dahil mahusay.”

Don’t miss the next episode of Agimat presents Elias Paniki this Saturday as Baron (as Alexander) and Jake (as Elias) battles it off on ABS-CBN after TV Patrol Sabado.


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