He's Beautiful Fall of Romances

Tae Kyung-Mi Nam romance gets more beautiful in the koreanovela “He’s Beautiful.”

How can a kiss change the way Tae Kyung and Mi Nam look at each other?
Find out this week as romance and comedy continues in “He’s Beautiful.” With all that has happened, Tae Kyung finally lets Mi Nam to like him but their growing attraction and feelings will once again take a detour as the paparazzi picks up pictures of Mi Nam wearing a dress. To protect her, Shinwoo comes to the rescue and announces to the press that the woman in the photo is Mi Nam’s female twin who happens to be his girlfriend. Now, the two must make the public believe they are really a couple by going out on a date and be seen being sweet to each other.
How will this affect Tae Kyung? Will this finally push the A.N.Jell leader to tell Mi Nam what he truly feels? Don’t miss the final two weeks of “He’s Beautiful,” weekdays after “Precious Hearts Romances presents Alyna” on ABS-CBN.


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