Kokey at Ako "Final Week"

Toni Gonzaga and Vhong Navarro share what they will miss most on “Kokey @ Ako.”

They are yet to take their final bow this week but as early as now, the cast of ABS-CBN’s fantaserye “Kokey@Ako” is already missing the show, which became part of their daily routine for one whole season.
“I will surely miss Direk Wenn, Direk Ricky, Melason, and everybody I’ve worked with because I enjoyed their company during shoot, during standy time in the dressing room while waiting for our next take. I will also miss portraying Jackie because her character is very natural and very real,” said the Ultimate Multimedia Star Toni Gonzaga.
If Toni will miss the people behind the show, her co-star Vhong Navarro, on the other hand, will miss their playtime and bonding in between takes.
“I will definitely miss the fun moments, exchanging jokes, imitating Kokey and Kekay, as well as the adlibs and punchlines we blurt out during takes,” said the Prince of Comedy.
Meanwhile, the show made a different impact on reel and real life couple Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco as they recalled valuable lessons learned from fellow actors on set.
“I learned to respect every individual, be it human or alien because he is created by God. Also, I learned to love my job more because if you love your job, you wont get tired of it,” shared Melai.
“I learned to become more professional because Kuya Vhong and Ate Toni set such good examples. Even though they are big stars already, you wont see them complaining about work. They study the script, the character, and listen very well to the instructions being given by our directors,” explained Jason.
Everyone must definitely watch the finale week of “Kokey@Ako” especially after much kept secrets have already been revealed— Belat’s true identity and Lois’ disguise as Princess.
As the real Bruce returns, who will win over Jackie’s heart? The guy she has always loved or the guy she has learned to love?
Meanwhile, the kukurikabukan forces get even stronger which puts Kekay into much peril. How will Kokey protect his younger sister? Will the aliens finally invade planet Earth? Will Jackie’s family ever be reunited?
Don’t miss the finale week of “Kokey@Ako” airing before “TV Patrol” on ABS-CBN.


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