‘Wansapanataym’ touches on a different genre this Saturday

‘Wansapanataym’ touches on a different genre this Saturday as it gives its viewers chilling scenes with ‘Kakambal Ko’y Manika’ which stars Star Magic talents namely, Jessy Mendiola and Aj Perez.
“Kakambal Ko’y Manika” circles on the story of Lena and Leni, twins who have unsettled differences. They look alike, but they hold opposite personalities. Lena envies Leni. She feels that Leni is the favorite while she’s the one neglected. The two will get into a fight that will cause Leni’s death. Lena will pretend to be Leni so that she will feel and experience the acceptance and attention that has been showered upon her twin sister. This is where the unexplainable things begin. Leni’s spirit will enter Lena’s doll and will start to haunt her sister.
This episode will also be the launch pad of Jessy Mendiola and AJ Perez as a love team. “I’m happy to be teamed up with AJ Perez. I’d say na pareho pa kaming bago sa showbusiness, kumbaga, we still have a lot to learn kaya inaalalayan naming ang isa’t isa. I know we still have projects lined-up na pagsasamahan pa namin.” Jessy expressed.
On the other hand, Wanasapanataym continues to be strong on its timeslot as it earned a national rating of 27% last Saturday (October 30) according to Kantar Media. Its rival program on GMA 7, “Kaya Ng Powers,” only garnered a national rating of 13.6%.
Don’t miss ‘Wansapanataym’s Kakambal Ko’y Manika as your favorite Saturday habit goes horror, after TV Patrol on ABS-CBN.


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