Studio 23 added 15 more minutes to Gretchen Fullido‘s program “The Wrap.”

From a 15-minute rundown of the latest and the hottest celebrity news in the world of showbiz, music, and sports, “The Wrap” with Gretchen Fullido now offers you a half hour of information and intrigue-filled weeknights, 6:30 PM on Studio 23.
Get the latest on your favorite local celebrities in “Showbiz Refill” and find out what Gretchen heard from the Hollywood grapevine in “Hollywood Hotplate.”
Be updated with the trending celebrity scandals in “Best Seller” and join the guessing game of neither confirmed nor denied celebrity blind items in “OMG – Weh!”
Watch the latest music videos and trailers in “Snack Box” as Gretchen serve you fresh celebrity trivia in “Celebrity Side Dish.”
Don’t miss “The Wrap,” Mondays to Fridays, 6:30 PM on Studio 23. You can also catch up on past episodes online via Studio 23’s Catch Up TV (


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