The in-demand comedienne turns into a game show host.

Aside from doing TV sitcoms and movies from various film outfits, Eugene Domingo will now venture into game show hosting via TV5′s “Lucky Numbers.”

This is not her first time hosting a television show. She’s done this job via GMA-7′s “Cool Center”, “Wachamakulit” and “Comedy Bar.” But TV5′s “Lucky Numbers” is different because it’s the local version of a popular British game show called “Magic Numbers.” It’s a hard core tv game show although we can expect Eugene to inject some elements of comedy to make it entertaining as well as exciting to televiewers.

Lucky Numbers, just like the original “Magic Numbers”, is a fast-paced, gripping show where cellphone numbers can win you a huge amount of money live. The show will generate six magic numbers through a mix of studio surprises and high-energy performances by Jon Avila, Andrew Wolfe, Tres Marias, Biriteras, Jan Nieto, Wendy Valdez and Regine Tolentino and other celebrity guests. To register, home viewers will have to earn two numbers (based on the last seven digits of the cellphone number) from six magic numbers generated. One lucky phone contestant is then selected to participate in the tension-filled money end-game where they can win up to P1 million in cash prizes.

Lucky Numbers is set to premiere this Sunday (1:00 p.m.), February 27, right after Joey de Leon‘s Pinoy Samurai. It’s part of TV5′s Tanghaling Go-Go-Go!


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