‘My Princess’ premieres on March 28, 2011

One of Korea's most loved romantic dramas of 2010 debuted on ABS-CBN on Monday, March 28. "My Princess" follows the colorful life of Princess Lizelle ("Lee Seol" in the Korean version), who starts off as an ordinary college girl working as a fake princess model for tourist photos, and becomes a real princess.

Throughout this journey, she meets Ethan, "Park Hae Young" in the Korean version, a rich and accomplished diplomat who is put in charge of educating Princess Lizelle on proper princess etiquette. His intentions are not pure, however, since he is set to lose his inheritance if the Korean monarchy is formally restored.

Princess Lizelle is played by beautiful Korean actress Kim Tae Hee who grew in popularity due to her successful action drama "Iris." Ethan is played by Song Seung Hun who is beloved by many Filipino fans due to his classic drama "Endless Love: Autumn in My Heart."

This entertaining romantic drama will delight those who like watching couples who constantly bicker and throw stones at each other only to make up so cutely later on. "My Princess" airs right before "Mula Sa Puso."


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