The Cast of "Good Vibes" 2011

Get to know the characters of ABS-CBN’s newest youth-oriented program “Good Vibes.”

MARC PEDROZA (Sam Concepcion) has the perfect life. He is the frontrunner for class valedictorian, president of his school’s dance troupe, and is the resident “crush ng bayan.” He is always ready to take on new challenges because he knows that, whatever happens, his loving family will be there to support him. However, everything changes when he finds out that his dad Nestor had a son with another woman – when TROY CABRERA (Enrique Gil) becomes orphaned, Nestor has no choice but to take him into his family’s home.

Marc tries to adjust to having Troy in his family’s life but, when Troy is accused of causing their dance troupe to be disqualified from an interschool competition, Marc doesn’t do anything to stand up for him. Troy goes back to the lower-class neighborhood where he grew up and forms his own ragtag dance crew to challenge the school’s dance troupe in a televised dance competition. Circumstances force the two groups to merge for them to continue pursuing their goal of winning the televised contest.

Now, these teenagers with wildly different personalities and backgrounds have to learn to work together to form a world-class dance crew.

Different steps, one dance. Will their differences stand in the way of their dream or will these help them achieve it?

FRANCO MENDOZA (Arron Villaflor):
The Bestfriend

TROY CABRERA (Enrique Gil):
The Illegitimate Son / Ang Anak sa Labas

MARC PEDROZA (Sam Concepcion):
The Good Son / Ang Anak sa Tunay na Pamilya

ARA GONZALES (Yen Santos):
The Secret Admirer


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