The New show Premiere of Studio 23 This 2011

There’s a new housewife in Wisteria Lane and the country watched her moved in last Thursday night when Studio 23 aired the Philippine free TV premiere of the highly anticipated seventh season of “Desperate Housewives.”

Singer-actress Vanessa Williams formally joined the cast of the Emmy Award winning series as the major diva Renee Perry who moves in town to ‘reconnect’ with her frenemy Lynette (Felicity Huffman). She may seem to live a perfect live being the wife of a New York Yankee but Lynette later found out that her life isn’t perfect after all and that she actually moved to the suburbs to start over. What twists will Renee bring to the lives of Lynette, Bree (Marcia Cross), Gabrielle (Eve Longoria) and Susan (Teri Hatcher)? “Desperate Housewives” airs every Thursday at 10:30 PM after “Us Girls” on its new timeslot at 9:30 PM.

Premièring back-to-back with “Desperate Housewives” last Thursday was the seventh season of hit medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy.” The doctors of Seattle Grace Hospital are back and they are dealing with intense physical and emotional trauma after the deadly rampage of a vengeful gunman inside the hospital.

Stuio 23 is also bringing you live action with the return of the Emmy award-winning race around the world in “The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business.” The show once again gathered eleven former teams that fell short of winning the $1 million prize during their first race and gave them another shot at winning the competition. Who will win this time around? Find out and watch it every Monday, 9:30 PM.

The exciting offerings don’t end there because on March 7 your Kabarkada will air the reality program “Biggest Loser Asia” at 2 PM followed by a triple treat of Asianovelas— “Chu Chu My Daddy,” at 2:30 PM, followed by “The X Family” at 3:00 PM, and “Hot Shot” at 3:30 PM.

Watch contestants battle obesity in “The Biggest Loser Asia,” hosted by Karylle, and see their dramatic journey to weight loss. After which, follow orphan sisters search for a young good-looking daddy who will pretend to be their mom’s widowed husband so as their evil aunt wont seize their fortune in “Chu Chu My Daddy.”

Don’t switch the channel just yet and watch “The X Family,” an adventure series where a gang of teens with superpowers search through different alternate dimensions to find a talisman that can save the world, and “Hot Shot” starring ‘Meteor Garden’ star Jerry Yan as a legendary basketball player who transfers to a new school, and is tasked with reviving the passionate but unskilled basketball team.

Meanwhile, in the news front, Studio 23 brings in veteran broadcast journalists Tony Velasquez and Lynda Jumilla to anchor the weekday newscast “iba-BALITA” at 11:30 AM and TJ Manotoc for news advisories “Bilis Balita” airing at 2PM and 4PM.

All these and more only from your one and only Kabarkada on television, Studio 23!


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