JM De Guzman and Lauren Young seem to be getting closer to each other "Mula Sa Puso"

Just like their characters Gabriel and Via in the hit primetime soap “Mula sa Puso,” JM De Guzman and Lauren Young seem to be getting closer to each other.

The two are said to be spending time a lot off cam and would even fool around the set teasing and tickling each other. JM would reportedly put his chair right beside Lauren’s whenever they are on standby inside the tent.

The dramatic actor doesn’t deny this but clarifies that he did it so that he will get closer to Lauren who is his loveteam in the show.

“We really need to establish a bond off-screen so that, the moment we are in front of the cameras, we are already comfortable with each other and do better with our scenes specially the kilig ones,” explained JM.

This is the first time the two worked with each other and Lauren admitted that she didn’t really have a hard time working on their chemistry.

“JM is very easy to get along with so we became close really fast. I can say we are now really comfortable being around one another,” said Lauren.

Fans will definitely fall in love even more this week as Gabriel and Via’s relationship gets deeper. Via is starting to reciprocate Gabriel’s affection but how long can they keep up especially now that her father Fernando is against them?

During the Holy Week, ABS-CBN ran a special marathon of “Mula sa Puso” which was well received by its avid viewers.

Don’t miss “Mula sa Puso,” Mondays to Fridays, before “TV Patrol” on ABS-CBN. Follow the show’s official Twitter account at and official Facebook page at If you have your SkyCable Digibox iRecord, you can set it weekdays at 5:45 pm on ABS-CBN.


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