Wellie Is going to Comeback to host Again the Wowowee

It has been confirmed by TV5′s gossip host Cristy Fermin that Willie Revillame will be going back to Wowowee. The rumored date is July 31st but it wasn’t confirmed by Cristy.

According to the write-up at PEP, Cristy believes that Willie is ready to “forgive” and go back to the once popular game show, Wowowee.

There are also “alleged animosities” between Pokwang and Willie Revillame. Cristy was strong to say that she is someone who is “taong walang utang na loob” (a person who disregards gratitude). Hmmm..

My question is: Why is Cristy Fermin getting involved with another network’s issue? Is that even fair?

Regardless of the outcome, whether Willie Revillame goes back and hosts Wowowee again or not, Cristy seems to be fanning the flames between Pokwang and Willie.

I just find it troubling. Don’t you?


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