Beautiful girl "Your Song" Ends with a good Revelation

Will the love story of Christian Bautista and Carmen Soo end happily ever after? Find out as ‘Your Song presents Beautiful Girl’ steps on its final episode this Sunday on ABS-CBN.

“My whole Your Song experience was fantastic,” Carmen expressed. “Working with Christian in a series was really fun. I’m hoping that we’ll have more projects together,’ she added.

Christian, on the other hand, considered his experience with Your Song as a learning event in his career as an artist, “Hindi naman kasi ako talaga umaarte. I’m really glad Your Song was able to bring out the actor in me. Naks. (laughs). But seriously, isa itong step up for me.” He added that he will miss working with Carmen, “Mamimiss ko syempre si Carmen. But I know this won’t be the last. Malay naman natin in the future may mag-offer samin ulit ng project.”

Meanwhile, on the last run of Your Song presents Beautiful Girl, a big revelation might affect the turn of events in the story. Hannah, who’s clueless before, learns that the heart of his past love is now owned by James. How will she take this surprise?

Don’t miss the finale of “Your Song presents Beautiful Girl” this Sunday after ASAP XV on ABS-CBN.


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