Tween Royalties of GMA as they continue their adventures

This Sunday, join the Tween Royalties of GMA as they continue their adventures and misadventures in gaining important life experiences in the second part of Reel Love presents Tween Hearts.
During the boot camp, the teens are divided into two groups. As expected, they compete in every task assigned to them. Little did they know that the main goal of these activities is not to pit them against each other but to bring them closer to one another.
Louisa (Louise de los Reyes) is bent on winning all the challenges. Will she ever realize the main essence of this gathering? How will Rick (Derek Monasterio) change her perception of being a true leader?
Aya (Joyce Ching), on the other hand, unintentionally discovers Chris’ (Kristoffer Martin) weakness. Will she expose his dark secret to everybody? How will Chris’ overly-jealous ex-girlfriend Leslie (Lexi Fernandez) react to this situation?
Jacob (Jake Vargas) befriends his long-time secret crush Belinda (Bea Binene). Will this nerdy musician impress the bubbly girl of the campus?
Bambi (Barbie Forteza) catches Josh (Joshua Dionisio) in the act of escaping the campsite. In her haste to stop him, they find themselves in an embarrassing situation in front of everyone.
As they struggle to make sense of this boot camp, each will be forced to reflect on what they are making out of this activity as well as come to grips with their own personal setbacks and insecurities. Will this gathering build new friendships and spark new romances?
Don’t miss Part 2 of REEL LOVE presents TWEEN HEARTS this Sunday, October 3 on GMA.


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