Little Star (2010)

As part of its last quarter salvo, GMA Network brings its televiewers another riveting tale of love and family which will surely touch everyone’s hearts – Little Star.

Directed by award-winning Maryo J. delos Reyes, Little Star tells the fascinating story of Diego, a singing child star, and of how he touches the lives of the people around him.

The story begins with Helen and her sister Paula, who are on their way to Manila to visit their father Gener. Gener, who works as a window cleaner, has an accident. While sailing, the ship Helen and Paula was riding also has an accident. Paula is rescued right away, while her sister Helen is left at sea with an infant she found on the ship.

Dave, a photographer, finds them and tries to help. Soon the two are rescued and they part ways. Although their interaction was quick, Helen and Dave instantly create a connection that will have their paths cross again.

Upon arriving in Manila, Helen and Paula find out that the reason their father has failed to send them money was because he was also supporting his new wife Ruby and their son Joross. Although the sisters were hurt by the lies and infidelity of their father, they are left with no choice but to live with them. Because of their situation, Helen is prompted to look for a job in the city. With Dave’s help, Helen will soon work as an assistant to singing sensation Gwyneth.

Gwyneth is a successful celebrity in showbiz. She has a flourishing career as a singer. She is envied by her friends and her contemporaries. But she is bound to face the biggest challenge in her life when she later finds out that she is pregnant. Gwyneth will deny all the intrigues about her pregnancy and say that her assistant Helen is the one who’s pregnant. Unknown to everyone, Helen has agreed to become the mother of Gwyneth’s child in exchange for a large amount of money. Helen’s suitor Lester, an opportunist, also joins the deal by posing as the child’s father.

At a young age, will Helen be able to face the challenges of being a mother in exchange for money? How will Dave accept the truth that her supposedly one night of happiness bore a child? Which will prove stronger: the pull of blood or the heart’s desire?

Beginning October 25, GMA will tell the story of how one child changes the lives of the people around him. Little Star will shine at its brightest every afternoon after Ang Yaman Ni Lola on GMA’s Haponalo.



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