Cinderella's Sister Showing on Abs-cbn (2011)

She has neither aspiration nor emotion and her smile is sarcastic. Zarren is a girl who has apathy toward life. Her mother, who has been depending on various men for 18 years, finally found the right person to marry and brought Zarren into her new stepfather’s house.

A decent house and a decent family, Zarren  feels that everything in this house does not fit her. The most unbearable thing she faces is her stepsister Brianna, who is the apple of her father’s eyes and loved by everyone. Zarren cannot tolerate this situation, since she feels that she is losing the only one that she completely owns -her mother.

Jealousy will spark a rivalry between the two. Competition will arise as Zarren and Brianna fight for family and the heart of the man that they both love.


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