Mutya Choose as the #1 Philippine Show!

Mutya was chose as the #1 Show of the Philippines. After a month that passed many viewer impress that Episodes of Mutya that's why the philippines Show peak Mutya as the #1 Philippine Show of the Month of February rate, Here are the top 10 List of the Show:
  1. Mutya from Abs-cbn
  2. I♥U pare from GMA
  3. Imortal from Abs-cbn
  4. Temptation of Wife from GMA
  5. Mana Po from Abs-cbn
  6. Sabel From Abs-cbn
  7. Machete from GMA
  8. Alakdana from GMA
  9. Mara Clara From Abs-cbn
  10. Dwarfina From GMA


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